2016 Guest and Keynote Speakers:

Keynote Speaker:

Sir Paul Silk is a former clerk in the British House of Commons and the appointed chair of the Commission on Devolution in Wales from 2011-2014. This independent Commission was established to review the present financial and constitutional arrangements in Wales, with the Commission considering whether the National Assembly has the powers it ought to have.

 Paul Silk Poster.png


Internal Guest Speakers:

Professor John Williams and Professor Alan Clarke. The latter speakers were awarded a £890,000 Lottery Fund research grant as part of a £1.3m research project to research “building justice options with older people”, (http://choice.aber.ac.uk/about/).

Professor Ryszard Piotrowicz

Dr Engobo Emeseh


PG Skills session:

Dr Ian Archer will be presenting on “Writing with Impact” as a PG skills sessions and accompanied by Aberystwyth University’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) team Manager Hannah Payne; helping to inform future academics to make a mark in their field!