1. Does the Law and Criminology Postgraduate Student Conference offer any funding opportunities to attend the conference?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot provide funding to attend the second annual Law and Criminology Postgraduate Student Law Conference. From our experience, departments in your universities may offer special disbursements to attend conferences. We also encourage you to look for funding offered by your home country or the EU.

2. When can I register for the conference?

Abstracts are now being accepted. If you would like to present at the conference please email us at lc-pgconf@aber.ac.uk with to sign up for attendance.

3. Are there any registration fees to attend the conference?

There are no registration fees to attend the conference – however delegates will need to register in advance as space is limited.

There will be an networking evening meal on the first night. Details pending.

4. I am a masters student in Law or another related discipline. Am I allowed to attend?

Yes. We welcome abstract submissions from all areas of Law and related disciplines which address issues from a doctrinal, theoretical, philosophical, comparative, critical or other perspective. Inter/trans and multidisciplinary approaches are highly welcome and encouraged.

5. How long will my presentation be?

Student presentations will last approximately 15 minutes with a further 10 minute Q & A session to follow. At the end of each panel discussion there will be an extra 15 minutes for addition questions and where cross-cutting themes can be identified.

Guest speakers and  academics can present for up to an hour.

6. Am I allowed to co-present a paper?

Yes, but only if the presentation has been prepared by both of you. Please note that you will be given the same amount of time as individual speakers.

7. Is it possible to use a PowerPoint presentation?

Yes – we can accommodate PowerPoint presentations. However, please ensure you bring your presentation on a USB and can access it via your email/ internet so you can retrieve it should your USB not work. This will help minimise the risk for technical difficulties. We will not be responsible for missing presentations.

8. Will the papers be published in a journal?

At present, we can make no commitment that papers will be published. However, we are working towards developing a publication plan and will provide an update on this in due course.

9.  What if I have dietary restrictions?

If you have any dietary concerns, we have asked that you flag this during the registration process in order to provide this information in advance to our caterers. If you have any further concerns regarding dietary restrictions please contact us at lc-pgconf@aber.ac.uk.

10. Will there be WiFi access at the Conference?

PhD and LLM students who already have access to EDUROAM via their own institution, will be able to access the WiFi network at the conference venue. If you do not already have log-in credentials for EDUROAM, you will be able to access the internet through The Cloud.

11. Will the conference be in Welsh?

Mi fydd y gynhadledd yn cael ei gynnal yn Saesneg yn unig, ond mae modd darparu deunyddiau trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

The conference will be in English only, but we can supply any of the conference materials in Welsh.

If you have any questions regarding the abstract submission process or general questions on attending the Conference please consult our FAQ section, or email lc-pgconf@aber.ac.uk. Alternatively, see our Facebook and Twitter page for up-to-date news.