2016 Call For Abstracts

Changing Law…Changing Society?

Aberystwyth University’s Department of Law and Criminology is pleased to announce its 2016 Conference focusing on our changing society and its relationship with the law.

Society is changing faster today than at any other point in human history, but how are we responding to this change? Our aim is to explore how the law correlates with society and question how the law copes with societal changes. Is the law driving change or reacting to a changing society? How relevant is the law to date and is it up-to-date? Is the law able to reflect society’s changing needs?

Organised by students, the Conference aims to enhance research, learning and discussion as well as to provide networking opportunities in a friendly environment.

The conference will be general in nature, with sections dedicated to specific areas of law. We welcome submissions from disciplines, forums and/ or platforms dealing with any aspect of the law’s relationship with societal changes. As such inter/trans and multidisciplinary approaches, and similarly business and/or academic perspectives are welcome.

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts are now closed for this year, but we are pleased to welcome delegates. Please email us to register, lc-pgconf2016@aber.ac.uk.

See our Facebook  page or Twitter for more details and updates. Also, you may direct any questions there, or to the email listed above.