About Us

As a research driven University, this annual conference gives researchers, scholars, professionals and students the opportunity to participate in or experience the University’s vibrant research culture.

Each year the Conference plays a role in developing, strengthening and enhancing the researcher workforce and thereby sustaining research excellence. It aims to demonstrate the high standards expected by researchers to improve the quality, quantity and impact of research for the benefit of the UK economy and society, but also towards achieving high status in the Research Excellence Framework (REF). For this reason, this student led Conference encourages participants to take on the role of presenting a paper, or alternatively, simply attending and observing.

The key to any successful conference is not only in disseminating stimulating academic content, but doing so in a way that facilitates effective networking. That is why, alongside presentations from high-profile academics and young passionate scholars, the conference includes social events that encourage participants to make vital contacts whilst exploring Aberystwyth’s safe and picturesque town by the sea.

Abstracts will shortly be accepted. Please revisit the website in the next coming weeks for updates. We are nonetheless pleased to welcome delegates. Please email us to register, lc-pgconf@aber.ac.uk.

Mi fydd y gynhadledd yn cael ei gynnal yn Saesneg yn unig, ond mae modd darparu deunyddiau trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg | The conference will be in English only, but we can supply any of the conference materials in Welsh.

We are always updating our website. Please keep coming back for new details!

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